Oct 21 2010

What is a Hybrid Bedliner?

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For years the truck bedliner industry has been broken into two catagories. The spray on and the drop in. Let me give you a brief description of both. A spray on or spray in as they are sometimes called is a non reversable solution. Basically the installation involves scuffing your truck bed paint and adhereing a gritty like polymer onto the bed, tailgate and sidwalls of your truck. Now I say non reversable because this spray on polymer cannot be legitmately removed if you have a problem. There is a certain amount of dent protection. But the spray on is ceceptable to damage from loading and unloading. It can be scratched and gouged.  Repair on the spray in is inevitable and costly, and something that has to be done by an installer or dealer.

Now the second catagorie is the drop in bed liner. Drop in BedLiners are basically a one piece molded plastic version of your truck bed that bolts to the bed itself. This industry has thrived off the one size fits all idea that if you have approximate dimensions of the truck bed, one model number is sold to fit many different truck bed sizes. Now we all know that one size does not fit all, this is part of the downfall of this option. See if the plastic mold does not fit perfectly to your truck bed, even though the drop in bedliner is bolted down some areas are able move or shift around causing scratching and wear in certain areas of your truck bed.  Also if sand or gravel gets under the drop in it is treated as an abrasive speeding up the wear through your paint.

Within the past few years a third catagorie popped up. The bed rug which is a thick rubber mat that lays in the bottom of your truck bed. No help for the tailgate or the sidewalls but bottom of the bed was protected well. Really only two problems with this. One is that the bed rug can blow out of your truck at high speeds if there is no cargo to hold it down and the flat bottom design of the bed rug allowed water to be trapped between the mat and the bed causing corrosion.

F150 Bed Liner

F150 Hybrid Bed Liner

Now what is a hybrid liner? DualLiner created a five piece component system which is pretty much a combination of the drop in and the bed rug but addresses every single problem with all three of the previous mentioned catagories. First off the side pieces and the front and back piece are custom fitted thick dent resistant plastic perfectly molded to the trucks shape. They are held in place by the factory hardware,  and pushpins and give you complete access with strategically placed slots to the bed tie downs. The 3/8 inch ZERO SKID rubber mat locks in place with the side peices and is nippled on the bottom to allow air flow and keep water or debrie from getting trapped there. Dual Liner comes shipped to your door for $384 and is easily the most well thought answer to the problems of your normal truck bed liners.